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What families say About Us

Families bear witness to the difference we make in their loved ones’ lives.

9 responses to “What families say About Us”

  1. My adult son has been a client of Hope in Punta Gorda for two years. He is non verbal and hearing impaired as well as delayed. The staff is wonderful with him, they are learning sign language and other ways to communicate with him. He is happy when I pick him up. They have a great number of actives that they do durning the day. For the past two years they have had the same compassion, caring staff and therefore my son feels comfortable and so do I. I would highly recommend this center, it’s staff is wonderful, caring and consistent. The facility is clean and spacious.

    Cheryl C. Blazer

  2. Hi Yami,

    I would like to thank you all for the kindness you all showed to Hugh when he attended the day care.

  3. My Dear Angels,

    Thank you so much for all you do. I don’t know what i would have done without you. See you when we get back. Keep doing what you are doing.

    Connie S.

  4. Hope Family Adult Day Care,

    Thanks so much for the great tour of the facility.
    As I watched everyone walk out & go to the bus, like never seen so many people with such a big smile on their faces. They all seemed so happy & content, HOPE, Kudos to you & owners for providing such a great service.

    Best, Rori

  5. In big ways,in small ways,
    in every single way…
    the people who take the time to go out of their way
    to brighten the lives of others
    are the ones who deserve
    the sweetest thanks of all.

    You are one of those
    wonderful people…

    and your thoughtfulness
    is appreciated so much!

    Thank you for all the love.

    Love Gaby

  6. This note is to let the members of your facility to know how I feel about the services you have been providing to both my husband, and myself for over 4 months now.

    This is the first time in many long years that I have found a place where Bob can receive the care, attention and exposure to others that I can not longer give him. Plus, I now have the time to do chores I couldn’t do with Bob, and I’m able to relax and get the care I also need as a caregiver. Your facility provides Bob with activities and socialization that I cannot.

    I cannot express enough, my thanks to all of you for taking such good care of my husband. You have always responded immediately to any questions or problems and done so with kindness and help. You have made me feel that Bob is safe and happy and that I’m welcome to contact you or visit at anytime and this tells me in no uncertain terms, that care, kindness and help is ALWAYS available.

    I sincerely hope that your facility continues to grow in this community for it is truly needed.

    If there is anything I can do to spread the word about your work, please let me know.

    Again, My sincere thanks,

  7. My Mom has been going to Hope Family Adult Daycare since Feb 2017. She has met and made many friends who she looks forward to seeing each time she goes. And 1 can’t say enough about ALL of the staff. They are so caring and take such heartfelt care of my mom who is 95 yrs young! She loves all of them as they treat her with dignity, respect and compassion which is what we all want for our senior parent. Even on the days she could stay home she asks to go over! If you knew my Mom that’s saying something. The physical and mental activities they do keep her moving and her mind sharper and entertained. The Halloween party was the best! Everyone was dressed up and my Mom thoroughly enjoyed herself. 1 would highly recommend Hope Adult Family Daycare for your loved one. 1 for one am glad I found them!

  8. My mom attends Hope Adult Day Care in Punta Gorda. I highly recommend it to anybody who is as interested in the wellbeing of an adult loved one, as I am about my mom’s.
    I began my search for an adult day care center when I realized that for my mom to stay at home unattended for few hours was not an option. First because the risk of it, and second because the lack of social interaction and activity could lead to a fast deterioration of her physical and emotional health. I cannot take care of her during the day as I have to work to provide for myself and my family.
    I visited several centers in the area and the search was stressful. But when I found Hope Adult Day Care in Punta Gorda, their friendly staff made me feel comfortable and I had the feeling that it will be a good and safe place for my mom. Now, years later, I would still choose Hope if I had to pick an Adult Day Care for my mom again.
    My mom is always happy and looking forward to go there. And comes back home looking cheerful and invigorated. They have activities for her every day and celebrate all the important days and holidays with special events. I know that my mom is well taking care off with her medicine, diet and obviously her safety. They maintain close communication with me and that gives me tranquility.
    I greatly appreciate the staff at Hope Adult Day Care for all what they do for my mom and for my peace of mind while my mom is there. They show that they love what they do and they are exceptionally caring.

    Thank you!

  9. My mom does enjoy going to the adult day care. Every once in awhile, i’ll ask how it’s going. She tells me she enjoys the meals which is a big plus because my mom chooses to eat once a day.

    I’m grateful you have these services in place. She gets bored very quickly & easily. She likes that you have different activities during the week.

    She has her bad days that she rather be home but All & all good experience When she attends.

    Your staff is kind to her and offers her coffee & conversation which she really appreciates.

    When i finally got my mom approved for long term care, i told the case worker i wanted her place at your facility. I didn’t even check other facility base upon my experience checking in on her a few times.

    I appreciate that your staff seems caring & professional when dealing with me & with my mom.

    I feel fairly confident that she is in good hands & trust that you & your staff will resolve any minor issues with the upmost respect for my mom.

    BTW- with her dementia diagnosis, I’m grateful she has a place to go with interaction with others and my dad is happy he can get his things/errands done as well while she’s at the center.

    It’s a win-win for both of us. Keep up the good work!

    Thank you


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