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This note is to let the members of your facility to know how I feel about the services you have been providing to both my husband, and myself for over 4 months now.

This is the first time in many long years that I have found a place where Bob can receive the care, attention and exposure to others that I can not longer give him. Plus, I now have the time to do chores I couldn’t do with Bob, and I’m able to relax and get the care I also need as a caregiver. Your facility provides Bob with activities and socialization that I cannot.

I cannot express enough, my thanks to all of you for taking such good care of my husband. You have always responded immediately to any questions or problems and done so with kindness and help. You have made me feel that Bob is safe and happy and that I’m welcome to contact you or visit at anytime and this tells me in no uncertain terms, that care, kindness and help is ALWAYS available.

I sincerely hope that your facility continues to grow in this community for it is truly needed.

If there is anything I can do to spread the word about your work, please let me know.

Again, My sincere thanks,

Karleen C.


Thanks so much for th great tour of the facility. As I watched everyone walk out and go to the bus, I’ve never seen so many people with such a big smile on their faces. They all seemed so happy and content at Hope, Kudos to you and ownsers for providing such a great service.

Best, Rori

In big ways, in small ways, in never single way.. the people who take the time to go out for their way to brighten the lives of the others are the ones who deserve the sweetest thanks of all.

You are one of those wonderful people..and your thoughtfulness is appreciated so much!

Thank you for all the fun.

Love Gaby

My dear angels,

For all you do.
Thank you so much for all you do. I don’t know what I would have done without you. See you when we get back. Keep doing what you are doing.

Conie S


Hi Yamis,
I would like to thank you all for the kindness you all showed to Hugh when he attended the day-care.

Hope Family Daycare has exceeded my expectations I for an adult day care. I have been taking care of my 52 year old brother who has dementia and cognitive issues as well as other medical conditions.

Hope Family Day Care has really helped me to help him by making his life more enjoyable, social and stimulating. The staff is exceptionally caring. They have treated us like family from day one. They have been more then willing to assist my brother with his individual needs each day. They have assisted me when my work schedule did not allow me to be there for my brother as usual. They pick him up each morning and bring him home each night. They feed him breakfast, lunch and snacks. Hope takes the participants on outings, has barbeques, and has even had the people assist in building a dog house.

My brother was a maintenance mechanic for 26 years and loved to build and fix things as his career. I work in health care myself and am in and out of places all the time. Not ever have I seen activities out of the normal activities being done. The dog house was very exciting and stimulating for him. Made him feel great and productive not to mention happy that he (and the others) were able to help build a house for a wonderful dog. He accomplished something again in his mind. That is true activities of daily living. Lots of games are played, they shoot pool, make arts and crafts and more. This Daycare is not your typical daycare. They keep my brother busy and his mind working all day long. They treat him truly as “family” and he feels the same way about them. He really loves the staff. He went up north to visit family for a few weeks and told my family while he was there he missed going to Hope. Hope has helped me to be able to keep my brother at home and not in a facility, helped him to be happy and “busy” daily which is not an easy task at times. He truly looks forward to going every morning. He even sleeps better at night. I cannot recommend Hope Family Daycare enough!

Kelly T.


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