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Assisted Living Criteria

In order to reside in a standard living facility an individual must meet the following minimum criteria:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Be free from signs and symptoms of any contagious disease which can be transmitted to other residents or staff
  • Ability to perform daily living activities with supervision or assistance if necessary
  • Ability to transfer, with assistance if needed
  • Ability to take his/her own medication with assistance if needed
  • Not be bedridden
  • Not have any stage pressure sores
  • Not be a threat or danger to self or others as determined by a physician, or mental health practitioner licensed under Chapter 490 or Chapter 491, F.S.
  • Not require licensed professional mental health treatment on a 24-hour a day basis
  • Not require any of the following:
    • Oral, nasopharyngeal, or tracheotomy suctioning
    • Assistance with tube feeding
    • Monitoring of blood gases
    • Intermittent positive pressure breathing
    • Treatment of surgical incisions or wounds, unless the surgical incision or wound and the condition which caused it have been stabilized and a planc of care developed
  • Not required to have 24-hour nursing supervision
  • Not required to have rehabilitative services as described in Rule 59G-4.290 F.A.C.
  • As determined by the facility administrator to be appropriate for admission to the facility. This decision is based on:
  • Strengths, needs, and preferences of individual, as well as the medical examination report required by Section 429.26, F.S. and subsection (2) of this rule
  • Admission policy and services prepared to provide by facility or arrange to meet the resident needs
  • Ability of the facility to meet fire safety standards for assisted living facilities under Section 429.41, F.S., and Rule Chapter 69A-40, F.A.C.


  • 1823 – Resident Health Assessment for Assisted Living Facilities (We can have form faxed directly to your physician for completion)
  • History, Physical, Medication Record from physician
  • Completed Assisted Living Reservation Agreement
  • Copy of Insurance cards and Identification
  • Copy of any Advance Directives; living will/power of attorney/advance planning documents
  • Completed Residency Agreement